Here are some of my favorite destinations on the Web. Check them out and if you know some other great places please let me know!

  • Getting in Shape Guide will help you lose weight, exercise right, be healthy and get in shape
  • Online Women’s Fitness for women who would like to be healthier, look better, and lose weight
  • Senior’s Guide to Fitness a fitness guide targeted to older folks looking to feel better
  • Getting Prepared for Retirement will get your finances in shape, teach about investing, and help you prepare for retirement
  • The Pain Guide will help you deal with aches and pains that your doctor may not be able to help you with. Nutrition and weight loss are also covered
  • The Joke Book will give you some laughs to get through the day
  • Kid’s Guide to Government will show you how the U.S. government got started and how it works for us
  • Hollywood Connect will tell you how to get a career in Hollywood as a director, actor, or screenwriter. Share your favorite films and reviews
  • Rob’s Golf World will give you Rob’s helpful tips and recommendations to improve your golf game and enjoy the sport


Find out how to get rid of your pain and lose weight at the same time at the Pain Guide. All free information.



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